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Academic Paper Summary

Summary of some key finance papers used in my classes


Amihud and Mendelsen 1986 on liquidity

Asquith and Mullins on dilution and security issuance.

Brickley, Coles, and Jarrell 1994 On the separation of CEO and Chairman positions which wasn’t always popular.
Brickley, Smith, and Zimmerman 1999 On organizational structure.  I will read anything by these authors.
Comment and Jarrell 1995  On corporate focus and the end of what Pater Lynch calls “deworsifcation”
Fama 1991 Efficient Capital Markets II   Yet another classic.  Long but worthwhile!
Fama and French 1998– on divdends, debt, and taxes.
Klein, Crawford, and Alchian 1978    A classic!
Loughran and Vijh  1997     Who said acquisitions are always good for target shareholders?  Oh wait, many people did.

Ray Ball on Market Efficiency

Stein on convertible debt

Smith and Wakeman on Determinants of leasing




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